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Founded in 1986, Collectors Editions is the exclusive global publisher of Disney Fine Art and also publishes world renown artists like, Brian Davis, Irene Sheri and Michael and Inessa Garmash, just to name a few. 

Collectors Editions is led by CEO Michael Young, who joined the company early in 2004, and Tim Dickson, print-master of Eclipse Workshop, Collectors Editions' in house printing unit, whose master printers are specialists in fusing traditional print-making with cutting-edge processes.  

The synergy of the two is harnessed in their goal—to offer the finest prints to their gallery customers with exemplary service. "This is not corporate America, but we have to provide service as if we were Nordstrom. We have to stand behind our staff and our art," says Mr. Young.  Mr. Dickson concurs, adding, "As the market gets more difficult and competitive, you must provide more than just a good product.  You must provide a good experience." 

The principal thrust of the company is to hold firm to offering its dealers a program of hand-signed graphics supported by originals. "We are distancing ourselves from the home décor market," Mr. Young observes. 

"There are so many artists and only so many walls, therefore we are concentrating our efforts on being more 'special' and doing justice to our artists and our galleries," adds Mr. Dickson.

The company operates out of a 30,000-square-foot facility housing administrative offices, warehousing, and the print atelier. Collectors Editions' business comprises: 

Fine Art program for the U.S. market. Active account base is 150 galleries of which the 35 or so highest performers are known as Platinum Galleries.

The Disney Fine Art program, which is sold through Disney theme parks, Disney Cruise Lines, as well as in domestic and international galleries throughout Europe and Japan.

Eclipse Workshop printing for outside accounts, as well as for Collectors Editions' publishing.

Collectors Editions leads the industry in its ability to adapt and prosper in any business environment.  With its focus on a quality product and excellent customer service, its commitment to its artists, clients, industry and employees, Collectors Editions is truly painting a better canvas for the art world…one brush stroke at a time.
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